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Debris is a card game.

  • Play time 15-20min
  • Players 2
  • Age 13+

Debris is not about being nice.

It's about two engineers acquiring and rebuilding robots to ransack each other to bankruptcy.

Loot. Build. Brawl.

Collect resources from the Scrapyard to trade, build and survive.

The cards from your hand are everything : your resources, your tricks, your life.

Use your cards wisely : once you don't have any, you loose.

Buy, bet and racket.

Buy broken Bots from the scavenger's Market, or directly from your opponent.

There's a catch : each Bot exists in multiples, different versions, ranging from questionably operational to unexpectedly potent.

They are only revealed once rebuilt.

Bluff and upgrade.

Deceive your opponent with traps, and install mods on your Bots as you rebuild them & as extensions are released

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